IAVAA is your one-stop option for certified professional Author Assistant and literary industry services. We keep authors on track, freeing them to concentrate on their passion – writing.

Manuscript Assistance:

  • Digital and analog dictation/transcription (we offer 1-800 dictation/interview recording services and digital file uploading)
  • Inventory and organize your source documents
  • Conduct audience research
  • Fact checking and other researching
  • Obtain permissions for using quotes and interviews
  • Coordinate your peer and audience review
  • Research potential publishers
  • Competitive analysis on other books
  • Prepare the manuscript to publisher requirements

Self-Publishing Duties:

  • Coordinate testimonial requests
  • Obtain the ISBN
  • Obtain the LCCN
  • Obtain the bar code
  • Create your self-publishing account with Lightning Source
  • Review final proof / printers proof
  • Get the copyright registered

Book Marketing:

  • Create virtual book launches and book tours – Fired Up! Virtual Book Tours
  • Organize Social Marketing Campaigns — Will create social media page
  • Coordinate promotional activities
  • Send out copies for early review
  • Get your book listed and leveraged on Amazon.com
  • Track your book sales
  • Enter your book in award competitions
  • Organize live book events
  • Launch an Amazon.com Bestseller Campaign