The Purpose of a Virtual Book Tour
The purpose of a Virtual Book Tour (VBT) is to generate buzz about the author and your book. It is a personal, yet creative and focused introduction of you and your book to your target audience, journalists and the media. It is an ideal way to let your fans – and potential fans – know about your latest venture.

There is a preconceived notion by many authors that a VBT will drastically increase book sales. While some participants may be interested, they may not immediately buy your book. However, a VBT will get people talking about you and your book as well as create back links to your site through blog and website posts. It generates that all important buzz that can spread across the Internet like wildfire and help elevate the author and publication’s notoriety.

Why Host a Virtual Book Tour?
Hosts will find some great advantages to having guests on their site. After all, webmasters want and need interesting content, and having an author visit their site will give them that plus more traffic, new visitors, fresh and interesting content, prizes, and a link on your website.

Why Do I Need Help?
You don’t! If you have the time, energy and resources, an extensive network of relevant blogs and radio show connections, copyrighting, promotions and admin expertise, plus the desire to preplan and focus your attention solely on identifying genre-specific sites and radio shows, then by all means, spend 6 weeks performing the backend tasks associated with running a VBT, and two to four weeks actually conducting the tour, and another two to three weeks performing close-out tasks. Or, hire our knowledgeable, expert VBT team to handle most of these tasks for you.

How Much Does It Cost?
It varies, depending upon which program you select – 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month plan. Click here to get a Free 30-minute consultation on your book project by filing out our book marketing questionnaire.

What Will I Be Responsible For?
After you’ve chosen us to coordinate your VBT you must complete an extensive questionnaire (don’t worry, the more information you provide the more we have to work with), and provide select material required to conduct a successful promotion. In addition, prepare responses to three to five questions that will be asked by blog hosts (ah, finally able to talk about my book), and participate in radio show interview(s). Click here to request questionnaire.

Target the Right Audience
A VBT needs a strategy to be successful and that strategy starts with targeting stops with visitors that match your book’s target audience. In other words, we target stops that discuss your book’s topic.