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The International Association of Virtual Author Assistants (IAVAA) connects authors and writers with professional author assistants, and other literary industry support service providers. IAVAA’s members help clients keep on track, stay focused and organized throughout the book publication process from concept to manuscript to production and promotion.

International Association of Virtual Author Assistants

Your Virtual Author Assistants Team

Sharon Williams, Certified Virtual Author's Assistant

Sharon Williams, President of The 24 Hour Secretary, is a Certified Author’s Assistant and Master Virtual Assistant and has more than 20 years experience in marketing and promotions. She is the inaugural recipient of the Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant of Distinction Award and has authored Marketing Your VA Practice, Nuts & Bolts of Branding, and a Racism in State Government report on behalf of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus.

Sharon works with writers and authors through all phases of the book production and publishing process and is passionate about developing innovative strategies that result in positive results for our clients. Her team of knowledgeable and experienced subject matter experts are dedicated and focused on the end result — client satisfaction.

Rima McDonald

Rima McDonald is an entrepreneur and now she works tirelessly with other entrepreneurs to publicize and market their unique skills and services through the Internet. As the owner of Penelo Pea & Co., Rima develops marketing strategies for businesses large and small. She is in touch with the latest technological advances available to help others stand out from the crowd. From developing podcasts to creating a book trailer, Rima focuses on the uniqueness of the person and the product, and communicates that essence to the ideal audience. She has regularly been touted as an expert in her field, and has received numerous testimonials and recognition for her work to market and promote others.

Rima is constantly looking for new ways to promote and call attention to up-and-coming authors, and is willing to help you stand out from the crowd!

Jennifer Bays knows what it means to struggle over each written word. As the owner of InBoldPrint.com, Jennifer works with authors who need a second pair of eyes to proofread their work, as well as writing press releases and book reviews that grab the attention of the target audience.

As a regular columnist, Jennifer writes about daily life as a working mother of three for Women’s Online Magazine. As an editor, Jennifer works with writers and authors to fine tune their work for the most impact. In fact, for 15 years she has actively participated in the communications industry. Jennifer looks forward to working with you to develop promotional materials that resonate the heart of your work with the wide world of readers!